Newkirk Center co-sponsoring future Synthetic Biology exhibit, story covered by the LA Times

“The exhibition at the Beall Center is tentatively called “Traces of Vitality” and is scheduled to open Feb. 6, 2016. The centerpiece will be the winning applicant’s work of synthetic biology art.

The artist who is picked will come to the campus for a two-week residency this fall and work with scientists from UC Irvine’s Center for Complex Biological Systems to flesh out the artwork, then return on the eve of the exhibition to finish and install it.

Familian said that he and co-curator Jens Hauser will pick other works of synthetic biology art for the show, but will wait until it’s clear what the commissioned centerpiece will be before seeking other pieces to go with it.

Victoria Vesna, who heads the Art/Sci Center at UCLA, will join the curators and three UCI scientists or social scientists in picking the artist for the project. The winner will get up to $10,000 for travel and living expenses. The panel will consider two kinds of proposals – ones using living material, known as “wet” synthetic biology art, and ideas for “dry” art that use computers to simulate genetic mutations.”

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