Administrators and AdvisorsAdvisory BoardFaculty Affiliates

Administrators and Advisors

Simon ColeSimon A. Cole
Professor of Criminology, Law and Society

Lori photoLori Metherate
Assistant Director

Advisory Board

John C. AviseJohn C. Avise, Ph.D.
-Distinguished Professor of Evolutionary Biology
-Member of the National Academy of Sciences

Francisco Ayala 2Francisco J. Ayala, Ph.D.
-Donald Bren Professor of Biological Sciences
-Recipient of the 2001 National Medal of Science
-Member of the National Academy of Sciences

Geoffrey Bowker, Ph.D.
-Professor, Department of Informatics
-Chancellor’s Professor

Bruce ClarkBruce Clark
-California Seismic Safety Commission
-Former President, Leighton and Associates

Joe DiMentoJoseph F.C. DiMento, J.D., Ph.D.
-Professor of Law and Planning, Policy & Design
-Founding Faculty Member for UCI School of Law
-Former Newkirk Center Director

Anne EarhartAnne Earhart
-President, The Marisla Foundation

fudge_100wGary Fudge
-Trustee, Fudge Family Foundation

Elizabeth LoftusElizabeth Loftus, Ph.D.
-Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Social Behavior,
Criminology, Law and Society, UCI School of Law
-Member of the National Academy of Sciences

Jack MilesJohn “Jack” Miles, Ph.D.
-Distinguished Professor of English & Religious Studies
-Recipient of the Pulitzer Prize

Martha NewkirkMartha Newkirk, Ph.D.

Faculty Affiliates

Paul Dourish, Department of Informatics

Kim Fortun, Department of Anthropology

Michael Fortun, Department of Anthropology

Diane O’Dowd, Department of Developmental and Cell Biology

Kavita Philip, Department of History

Kyle Stanford, Department of Logic & Philosophy

Jennifer Terry, Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies

Simon Penny, Department of Studio Art

Bonnie Nardi, Department of Informatics

Kris Peterson, Department of Anthropology