“Wrongful Conviction and Criminal Justice: A Challenge and Invitation” with Marvin Zalman – 3/28/17

Wrongful Conviction and Criminal Justice:
A Challenge and Invitation

March 28, 2017
4:00 pm-5:30 pm
5105 Social and Behavioral Sciences Gateway
(Building #214 on the campus map – http://uci.edu/visit/maps.php)

With guest speaker
Marvin Zalman
Professor, Department of Criminal Justice
Wayne State University

Should criminal justice and criminological research related to wrongful conviction be more extensive? What is innocence scholarship, how have criminologists and criminal justice researchers contributed to the study of wrongful convictions, and what are the paths forward?  Professor Zalman will discuss his recent article in the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences on these topics.

Professor Zalman’s  research applies legal and social science approaches to exploring questions of justice in the administration of the criminal justice system. He has a longstanding interest in exploring the impact of the crime control process on civil liberties and the wrongful conviction of factually innocent people.