Toward a Sustainable 21st Century Series, “Poverty and Inequality in California” – 10/28/2016

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Conference on Poverty and Inequality in California
October 28, 2016

Beckman Center for the National Academies of  Sciences and Engineering

Among the most compelling unsolved problems facing the State of California are the persistence of unacceptable levels of childhood poverty and the growing gap between inequality and the effectiveness of programs aimed at poverty alleviation.

Led by Blum Center for Poverty Alleviation director Professor Richard Matthew and UCI Law Professor Robert Solomon, this day-long program at the Beckman Center has a goal of identifying imperatives for action.

Keynote address by Dr. Caroline Danielson, co-author of the 2016 PPIC Report, Income Inequality and the Safety Net in California.

Featuring roundtable discussions and panels of faculty and community leaders from across California.

Presented by the Blum Center for Poverty Alleviation, the UCI School of Social Ecology, the Newkirk Center for Science and Society, Towards a Sustainable 21st Century, and the UCI School of Law.

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Save the date for “Rocky Flats: Causes of Action”- November 18, 2016

Toward a Sustainable 21st Century Series

Rocky Flats: Causes of Action
November 18, 2016
Beckman Center for the National Academies of Sciences and Engineering

As part of a decisive ruling in the Church cluster of lawsuits filed by neighbors of Rocky Flats in 1975, Federal District Court Judge Richard P. Matsch  on May 27, 1982 made two key observations. The first key observation was that Rocky Flats was “ultrahazardous”–a judgement that was subsequently confirmed by a FBI raid in 1989 and subsequent clashes within and between the “separate but equal” branches of U.S. constitutional government.

The second key observation, posed as a question, was why the Judicial branch of U.S. constitutional government has often exercised such a defining role at Rocky Flats:

The core question in this litigation is whether private citizens can use the authority of the judicial branch of that government to define a duty of care to be followed by the the executive and legislative branches.

“Rocky Flats: Causes of Action” presents an affirmative answer to the question posed by Judge Matsch. The conference, hosted by the UCI Law Center for Land, Environment, and Natural Resources, examines four landmark cases where the authority of the Judicial Branch defined a “duty of care…”.

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